Let's Explore Graphs!

<Traversing Graphs in R

Let's explore what a 3 hour workshop dedicated graphs will look like.s

Playing With Graphs 6: Interactive Surve

Let's interactively explore th e data visualization community.

Playing With Graphs 5: Survey

Let's explore the data visualization community.

Playing With Graphs 4: NLP

Let's explore the text found in the description section of the wikipedia pages of LGBTQ movies

Playing With Graphs 3: Subgraphs and Shortest Paths

Let's explore the CRAN taskviews and see how some packages and authors are connected

Playing With Graphs 2: Missing Connections

Let's explore a fake social network to see if we can spot people who aren't friends yet, but should be.

Playing With Graphs: Eyes Wide Open

Let's explore a network of make-believe to see how we can create a data frame that is ideal for graphing.